Why We Believe A Trip to Our Spa is Essential… Whatever the Season

Renowned as the best spa hotel Northamptonshire has, our treatments and services go far beyond indulgence.

If your mind feels cluttered, then there is nothing more restorative than a spa treatment.

Not only is your physical being indulged, but your mind has time to unwind, recalibrate and de-stress.  One of the easiest ways to get yourself rebalanced is to take some time out.

Life doesn’t wait for when it is convenient to test us or stress us.

On the contrary – life is unexpected, so it’s vital we take the time to look after all aspects of our health. Many assume spa treatments are season dependent, but that’s simply untrue.

Our spa days in Northamptonshire are perfect for rebalancing your body and mind, whatever the season – our large heated indoor swimming pool is perfect during the winter months, and our outdoor spa pool is great on a warm summer’s day.

Read on to discover the benefits of spa treatments and why you should visit our Stableyard Spa today.

Spend quality time with yourself

Harmony, tranquillity, indulgence and luxury; spas are places of healing, both physically and mentally.

If you’re feeling out of balance you deserve the chance to spend some quality time with yourself.

Stress can manifest itself physically and mentally, so why not close yourself away from the world in our steam room for a while? Perfect for detoxing, a steam room teamed with a sauna is the perfect way to cleanse your pores and mind.

Imagine yourself on a warm secluded beach somewhere exotic and let the warm air and water envelope you in a comforting embrace.

Why not try: Our Time For You package with four hours of spa and fitness suite access, including a manicure or pedicure, is the perfect package for busy business people.

Investing in the future you

Taking care of your body and mind now will set you on the right path for a healthier future.

Whether you want to jumpstart your weight loss, invoke more positive thoughts or simply relax your mind, spa treatments are the ideal way to start you on your journey.

From facials with luxurious products to full-body massages, there’s a treatment for everyone.

Why not try: Our Revitalise You package will see you refreshed and revived. Indulge in our opulent spa facilities and choose from either an Elemis Taster Facial, REN facial, Tension Melt Back Massage or an Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage.

Working On Each Other

Sharing a relaxing spa experience is the perfect way to reconnect with a loved one, allowing you to share a relaxing and indulgent experience together.

Why not try: Our Me & You Package allows you to share the pampering as a couple. Sit back and relax with a glass of champagne, full use of the spa facilities and your choice of either a Tension Melt Back Massage or Deep Tissue Back Massage, as well as one of our Elemis or REN facials.


Whatever your reason joining us at our beautiful spa in Northamptonshire for an indulgent treatment, once you step foot into a spa you will leave the world behind you and enter a place of peace and tranquillity.

Favoured by our guests as one of the top Northamptonshire spa hotels – our Stableyard Spa offers a wide range of treatments designed with you in mind, all in a calm, beautiful and relaxing setting.

Have you considered one of our refreshing spa days? To experience the indulgence yourself, book today by calling 01536 714 910 or email us at spa@rushtonhall.com.