This is one of England’s most unusual buildings, designed and built by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1593–1597. The building stands in what was once the Garden of Rushton Hall, which can be glimpsed through the trees from the gardens at the Hall.

The Lodge is an intriguing architectural gem. It is covered in symbolism from Thomas Tresham’s Roman Catholic beliefs. Built in the time of Elizabethan England they loved puzzles and the lodge is built with this in mind and as a symbol, in protest, for his religious persecution.

The number three symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and is apparent everywhere at The Triangular Lodge. The building has three sides, three floors, & three gables on each side. But things get much more complex than that…..

The inscription on the entrance of the front of the building ‘Tres Testimonium Dant’ (‘There are three that give witness’) is a quotation from the book of John in the Bible. It refers to the Holy Trinity, but is also a pun on Treshams name – his wife called him ‘Good Tres’ in her letters.