It is said that the Famous Hope Diamond was stored here at one time when William Hope from Amsterdam owned the hall in the 19th Century. It originally belonged to King Louis XIV in 1668 and was known as the ‘Blue Diamond of the Crown’. It was worn on ceremonial occasions and believed to have been most likely from the Kollur Mine in Golconda India. During a week long of looting of the French Jewels in September 1792 ‘The Blue Diamond’ was stolen.

In 1812 a deep blue diamond was documented, weighing 177grams (4grains = 1 carat), as being in the possession of a London Diamond Merchant. Strong evidence suggests that it was the same stone. Several historical references suggest that it was acquired by King George IV of England. Upon his death, in 1830, the king’s debts were so enormous that The Blue Diamond is said to have been sold through private channels.

The next owner is thought to have been Henry Philip- Hope, who, in 1839, purchased The Blue Diamond. It is thought to have been re-cut as to disguise the original features; hence the new name given was ‘The Hope Diamond’.