Decadent Festive Cocktail Recipes

If you long to spend your Christmas in Northamptonshire then why not indulge in a festive tipple or two in pure luxury and comfort? To celebrate the season, we’re sharing a couple of mouth-watering drinks recipes for you to try at home, should you be unable to join us.


Frankincense Fizz

A delectable twist on the classic Christmas scent, the Frankincense Fizz cocktail blends the aromatic allure of the essential oil into a satisfying alcoholic treat that’s quite simply irresistible. The scent will instantly evoke nostalgia for Christmases past.


For your festive libation you will need:

40ml gin and 15ml Quaglia Chinotto liqueur

25ml orange juice

1 egg yolk

20ml sugar syrup, 20ml lemon juice and an orange slice

5ml frankincense water

Soda water

And optional edible gold leaf or spray



With a shaker readily prepared, add all of your ingredients with the exception of the soda water. Shake over ice before straining into a champagne flute or your receptacle of choice. Top up with soda and then garnish with gold for a unique and striking finishing touch.


Kirsch Royale

Your new favourite sugar-sweet cherry treat; this simple and succulent concoction is a twist on the iconic french kir cocktail. Perfect when served after dining, this incredibly luscious drink is sure to impress your family and friends this festive season.


For your delicious cherry cocktail you’ll need:

15ml kirsch and 30ml cherry syrup

90ml Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine

2 cherries dressed in syrup



Mix together the kirsch and syrup up in a jug but be sure to scale up the quantities based on however many people you’re planning on serving. Once your measurements are sound, pour the mix into Champagne glasses and add 2 cherries to each glass. Top up with further with Champagne and serve immediately, there is no need for ice.

Treat yourself this Christmas – experience fine dining in Northamptonshire thanks to some of our own delicious cocktails and beverages that are available at our renowned restaurant and bar. With festive cheer well and truly in the air, our Kettering hotel looks forward to welcoming you this festive season.

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