Bonfire Night, a Tale of Tresham

Our luxury hotel in Kettering is delighted to host its traditional Bonfire Night on the 4th November 2017.

Rushton Hall stands out amongst all other Northamptonshire hotels thanks to its historical heritage and traditions that date back several centuries. Living at Rushton Hall since the 1400s, the Tresham family has seen many important moments in history while living in the beautiful grounds of the hotel.

Son of Sir Thomas Tresham, reactionary Francis Tresham had a tumultuous life leading on to multiple rebellions and arrests. Discover how Francis Tresham got involved in the 1605 Gunpowder plot and what the traditions of Guy Fawkes night are today.

The Gunpowder Plot

Francis Tresham’s cousin Robert Catesby is known to be the investigator of the    famous gunpowder plot. Catesby and a group of individuals including Guy Fawkes planned the assassination of King James on the 5th November 1605, after having stored gunpowder in one of the Parliament’s vaults that was rented by one of the plotters. Thought to have been motivated by religious divergences between Catholics and Protestants, the plot was delayed several times for various reasons and quickly ran out of funds.

Recruited by the group a year later partly for his financial wealth, Francis Tresham was accused of jeopardizing the plot when an anonymous letter was sent to his brother in law, advising him to avoid attending the opening of the Parliament.

This letter brought concerns about the security of the venue, which was thoroughly searched. The gunpowder was found, allowing the plot to fail and Guy Fawkes, who was in charge of lighting the explosives, was discovered and arrested. He soon became “Britain’s most famous terrorist”.

The Tradition

The Guy Fawkes tradition started a year after the gunpowder plot failed as a way to commemorate the survival of King James. Every year, big dolls nicknamed “Guys” representing Guy Fawkes are placed on top of bonfires and burnt. In most places, fireworks are also displayed for the pleasure of all.

Bonfire Night 2017 at Rushton Hall

We organise a yearly Bonfire Night at Rushton Hall, when crowds gather for a delicious meal and fireworks. We are highly excited for the 4th of November 2017 as we will celebrate our first night Bonfire Night dinner in our new Orangery. The night will start with a Gala dinner followed by the fireworks display. Make the most of your experience with us and stay the night in one of our beautiful bedrooms. Book your 2017 Bonfire Night experience with us now.

Our venue has seen many of Francis Tresham’s family members over the centuries. Thanks to its rich history, Rushton Hall is the perfect destination in Northamptonshire to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

Book your 2017 Bonfire experience at our hotel in Kettering now or call us on 0207 730 6466 for more information.